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Learn More About Smart Beta and LibertyQ ETFs


What Are Smart Beta ETFs?

Smart beta ETFs are one of the fastest growing investment options available to investors. While the concept may seem complicated, watch this video for a simple explanation of what smart beta ETFs are, how they work and what they seek to achieve.


What are Smart Beta ETFs?

Smart beta refers to a methodology of index construction that seeks to achieve better risk-adjusted returns compared to traditional market capitalization weighted benchmark indexes. There is no guarantee that any strategy will achieve its objective. Franklin LibertyQ ETFs are not riskless investments, and investors can lose money. For additional risk disclosures, please see the prospectus.

Smart Beta...

  • Is an index that has been designed to seek to achieve a specific outcome.
  • Is an evolved way of creating an index, using rules to target companies that demonstrate specific “factors”, or drivers of performance, in order to seek to achieve a specific objective.
  • Targets a variety of factors, combines them in a strategic way, which, compared to traditional market-capitalization weighted indexes, may lead to stronger returns with less risk over time.

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